Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hi. I'm CMerie. And I'm a Slob.

Really. I am. Or at least kind of. You see, my bedroom becomes the dumping ground for all the miscellaneous items around the house. All the need-to-get-tos get buried under the not-sure-what-to-do-with-yets. And when I fall asleep at night I am surrounded by piles of books, papers, and clothes. The rest of the house may be mostly cleaned and picked up, but that's because everything has found its way to my room. Don't believe me? Lest you accuse me of putting up a false front here at the ol' blog, I'll take you on a tour of my...uh...mess.

This is my bedside table. This is what I lay my head beside each night when I fall asleep. Let's see, we have stuffed animals, books, books, and more books, my iPod, a sippy cup that's been there a few days (can't wait to open that up!) my wrist splint that I've been done using for a couple weeks now, a blessed palm from Palm Sunday. Hmmm...what else? Oh! A bar, just in case. Along with enough stuff, it's going to take me forever to figure out where it all really goes.

Hidden beside the stand is a bag of paints and brushes from decorating Ladybug's room. It doesn't really have a home. Lonely, isn't it?

I'm not the only one in this house that collects junk by their bedside stand. This is my dear husband's. Hats, baseball cards, more books, and a pile of magazines on the floor (one of which is not even written in English!).

A dresser with drawers open. Why is it so hard to close drawers all the way? We've made the effort to close it mostly. Why not give it that extra push? And of course more junk on top. I don't think we've turned on the humidifier in months.

There's Fritter's nightlight I have yet to put a bulb in. And a bracelet. So that's where that goes! The box of Wheaties actually does go there. At least sort of. It's a Dan Marino collectors box. It's never been opened. Yum!

The pile here are clothes that I need to get rid of. They didn't make it into the yard sale last weekend, and now they're just hanging out.

Embarrassing of all is the desk. The basket is supposed to be a to-do basket. But whatever is in the bottom is probably long over done (or not). I'm overwhelmed just looking at it. The problem here is that I can't just throw it all away. There are actually bills and other things here that really do need to be addressed. And somewhere under that pile of stuff are pictures from our wedding reception. And as if my planner wasn't enough, I put sticky notes on the wall to remind me to do things. The problem is, I rarely actually read them. So, yeah, helpful.

Give me some time (a lot of time) to clean this mess up and I'll show you what this room is supposed to look like.

By the way, I know you probably don't care how messy my room is. I'm making it public to hold myself accountable. Because really? How did I ever let it get like this?


Sarah said...

Candice, you're not alone! I struggle to keep our house even remotely tidy--and I am always amazed at how other moms keep their houses clean! I always tell myself they must not have any hobbies. Anyway, we just instituted a new rule in our house: no more kid stuff in our bedroom. It's going to be hard, but I think the benefit for our marriage will be worth it.

Mom said...

Funny, baby girl, I know how you feel, I have a craft room that looks the same.It realy is'nt a craft room any more. Lots of love to you and the way, how did your garage sale go?