Friday, May 14, 2010

From The Backyard

We found this guy swimming in our pool. He must have thought it was hot outside. I was happy to ignore him and hope he'd get swallowed by the pool pump. However, Fritter showed his dad, who thought it was a great idea to catch it so they could look at it closer. I didn't take the up close pictures. Even if he was in a container, I let my husband have that job.

Even Ladybug wants to see. Actually, keeping the kids not afraid of bugs is a good thing. It means when they get older, they can be the ones that squish them. Not me.

My husband decided the humane thing to do was let it go, and Fritter decided it wanted to go see it's family. I ran inside when it was released. Everybody else watched it clean itself.

With a very scientific Google search, I found that this is an Iron Cross Blister Beetle. That's because it carries some toxin that can cause the skin to blister. Nice. Also, one site said they are having many sightings of them this year because of all the rain we've gotten. Very nice. Come on winter!

Who needs preschool when there is a whole world of bugs in the backyard?

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