Tuesday, April 27, 2010

God's Grand Canyon

We had a wonderful visit with my mom while she was here this weekend. We decided on Saturday to make an impromptu day trip to the Grand Canyon, because no one had ever been there. Can you see my death grip on Fritter?

It really is marvelous. And this was such a nice time of year to go. No traffic, easy parking, and the colors! The red canyon walls stood in contrast to the green of spring. For a short moment, I had Fritter all to myself. As we stood gazing, I mentioned to him that God made the Grand Canyon. He asked me, "Did He paint it?" What could be more beautiful than something God painted Himself?

I was truly nervous most of the time we were away from the trail, though. I just kept imagining the unimaginable. What if someone slipped? My husband, thankfully, was able to take full advantage of the view and spend quality time with Fritter.

What that picture doesn't show is the scared mom grasping at whatever control she could find.

It was a short visit, but well worth it. We are planning another trip there when we have more time to visit.


Mom said...

It was a great visit, Thank you. Lots of Love

Michelle said...

LOVE the leash. I never minded heights too much...until I had kids. On Easter Monday we climbed a lighthouse and I had a death grip on my 2 year old when we walked around the top. I can't even bear the observation tower at the Air and Space Museum (Udvar-Hazy annex) in Virginia. The floor to ceiling glass wall that is 6 stories or so up in the air makes me nervous. And my kids run around the area and lean on the glass and don't mind at all!

Cmerie said...

You should see the looks we've gotten putting a leash on him. We don't use much, but in places like this it's helpful. I'm glad we brought it. Ug, just thinking about the drop makes my stomach churn. Isn't it funny (or not) how kids don't seem to mind the heights?