Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cultivating My Green Thumb

I got my confidence up after flipping through Gardening Basics for Dummies. I set out and bought a pretty pot, filled it with ready made flowers and soil, and put them in front of my house. I gave them water, and prayed they wouldn't wither and die because I looked at them. Guess what? They're alive! And blooming! And so very, very pretty, don't you think?

Don't mind the poor dilapidated bush off to the right of the doorway. We moved him from the backyard to the front last year in the heat of summer, and he's never quite recovered.

You see my friends, I am a plant killer. I forget about watering, or I water too much, or I stand too close, and my plants die. I have a clover plant that was big and beautiful and green that I was given when I very first moved on my own. I still have it. Well, kind of. I don't know why the thing hasn't given up yet. It's had these same two leaves for six months and nothing more, and it looks like I've lost one. Poor thing. That one I remember to water when he doesn't say hello to the sun anymore.

I also bought seed packets for the front yard, dug up some of my husbands grass, and planted them. The packets said "Guaranteed to Grow". They haven't yet. Have I mentioned I have a patient husband?

The parsley, cilantro, and oregano are sprouting nicely. I'm worried about putting them outside though. These guys are doing so well, that they really can only go downhill.

The cosmos I planted are doing well. Maybe we'll have some flowers out of these guys yet. That packet also says "Guaranteed to Grow" and they are also "Drought Resistant". Guess they knew I'd be buying them.

Our very sweet neighbor across the street has gorgeous daisies growing by her mailbox. I once told her that her yard was my favorite on the street, and last evening while I was at my prayer group, she came by and gave us some of the daisies she had uprooted for our yard. I'm told they are hardy and will spread like mad when I plant them. We'll see.

In the tree in our front yard, my husband found a dove's nest. Do you see her patiently sitting on her eggs? So pretty!

The best thing about that kind of nature is that as long as I stay away, things will most likely turn out. ;-)

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