Monday, March 22, 2010

Take Five - Meditations With Pope Benedict XVI

I really wanted to like this book. What I've read of the writings of Pope Benedict, I have enjoyed. And so I assumed these short meditations would be something good to add in the middle of my day. And they are good, but are not really meant for me. They are mostly centered around the workplace, and while some of the points can be utilized in the home, they would be of more value for someone working outside of the home. I could really see someone with a busy day at the office really getting a lot out of this book.

The meditations are broken up into little bite sized pieces and include a short scripture passage or verse to remember throughout the day. And the introduction is really pretty good. There is a short biography of Pope Benedict, and I did enjoy that. This book could be of great value to someone wanting to add more prayer during working hours.

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