Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small Success

Because I can't just leave that depressing post at the top of my blog...


I realized for the past couple of days that my family has been the victims of a particularly terrible bout of PMS. I'm not excusing myself, just explaining. This realization prompted me to throw my expectations out the window, allowing the kids to be a bit more unruly (while realizing that those small acts of disobedience did NOT mean they were already prison bound), as that was much, much better than me screaming at them. It's been a success already. I haven't yelled once today. I think....

After another rough morning yesterday, I put on a vigorous exercise video, strapped the kids down in their high chairs for lunch and while they ate and watched (and laughed), I worked and sweated. I felt so much better afterwards, I decided to go for a hard walk this morning. Pushing the double stroller counts as resistance training, right?

On a slightly different note, I have finalized our breakfast, lunch, and snack plans (with your help), and put in place the breakfast plan. Now I just need to actually do the lunch and snack plans and we will be eating (and hopefully feeling) much better.

What are your successes this week? Share them at Faith & Family Live!


Farmer's City Wife said...

Wow... three pretty major successes (#2, to me, is incredible)!! What a great week!

Cmerie said...

Thanks Lucy, I will keep that in mind!