Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Week Plans

Yesterday was all about shopping and cleaning. And today is all about cooking and cleaning. I know it would be traditional to have a Seder supper on Holy Thursday, however Mass that day is at 7pm, which would make us have our supper either around 5 or after Mass. Neither of those options really works for us, and since I have a (very minor) surgery on Wednesday, today is really our only option.

We've been doing a variation on the Seder supper since dh and I were first married. Our first year, we were still in college and, living on a college budget, we couldn't really justify the expense of lamb, so I substituted pork chops. ;-) This year will be the first year we try lamb, so I'm a little nervous.

Anyway, so today is all about cooking and of course cleaning to prepare for Easter. Holy Thursday, we plan on maybe doing a washing of the feet here at home (and more cleaning). And we'll go to Mass that evening.

Our church doesn't have the Good Friday service until around 7, but I think another church near us has one at 3, so we'll go to that one. Then we're going to pray Stations of the Cross that evening. (And clean some more). After the kids go to bed, we'll watch The Passion.

Saturday we'll dye eggs, finish up our cleaning, stuff the kids' baskets, and I think we're going to finish putting our bathroom together. (Finally!) And confession, of course.

Easter Sunday, we're going to the Children's Mass. We plan on having an Easter egg hunt for Fritter and Ladybug. We'll have cinnamon rolls and eggs and sausage and orange juice for breakfast, and we're having a wonderful roast for dinner. The house will be clean, so will our souls, and we'll welcome Christ's Resurrection.

What are your Holy Week plans?

*Note: The links take you to Catholic Culture's website to the various days in the Triduum. You can get ideas on things to do with your family.*

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