Saturday, February 20, 2010

Productive Saturday

My dear husband left me today to go to the Catholic Men's Conference in our diocese. Such a worthy event. And so I decided to make my Saturday productive as well. I recently borrowed a dear friends sewing machine to help me finish curtains I had been working on since last summer by hand. They are very large drapes to separate Ladybug's room from what I like to call "The Dungeon" and they have taken me for-ev-er (use the Sandlot's inflection here). Anyway, I borrowed a sewing machine and decided no more pioneer woman for me. ;-)

I don't have pictures of those to show you, because that's not what I did today. I finished them weeks ago. Misleading, I know. I did work on curtains for my kitchen to replace the blinds in there. I really, really dislike blinds.

So, here are the curtains I finished today.

They are all ready and waiting for my husband to get home and hang them for me. I love my husband. He hangs curtains for me whenever I ask him to. He would rather do it than have me do it. He drills holes and uses those anchor thingys like you're supposed to. I don't. This is the window they will hang on, and the blinds will be tossed to the curb.

Here's another window in the kitchen that we recently hung some of my fabulous curtains up in. Before: (Please don't mind the messy counters. This was taken while we were painting, and clearing the counters wasn't my highest priority.)

After. Making things is really very satisfying.

And because the kids were still napping, I used some leftover material to make pillowcases for some not very attractive throw pillows. Now, they are pretty. Don't you think?

I'd better hurry and give my friend back her sewing machine, or I might end up with a million projects. Think it's time I got my own machine?


Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Nice job! The print looks very pretty!

Lora said...

I love your curtains! They look so good in the living room! You are so talented. I have always wanted to learn how to sew. I may have to take a class someday!

Mom said...

You did a mighty fine job by the way,on the curtains and the pillows,very,very,pretty,love the material. You are such a good little homemaker, I am proud of you. lots of LOVE

Cmerie said...

Thanks all!