Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wyoming Trip - Christmas 2009

Since we stayed home last Christmas when Ladybug was just newborn, this was the first time I'd seen snow in 2 years. That's very strange for someone who grew up where it was cold and windy 9.5 months out of the year. ;-)

Our trip to Wyoming was wonderful. And we were not let down on the snow. My husband's home town, where we spent Christmas, had plenty. It's funny how you don't really forget how to drive in the snow. It's like riding a bike. Except warmer.

Fritter was very excited to see snow. He's three. We haven't seen snow in two years. Yeah. To him this was the first time. Very exciting.

At one stop on the way, dh let Fritter play in the snow. He was thrilled. Until he got his hands covered in slush. He didn't realize that snow is cold. He was less than thrilled, but even more so when Daddy put him back in his car seat. ;-)

While home, we did go sledding. Fritter went down the hill by himself a couple of times. The first time, I had to cover my eyes I was so nervous for him. He was such a trooper though, and only reluctantly stopped when it was time to go home.

Getting ready to go down the hill.

We did it!

Mom and Fritter.

More to come another day...


Kate said...

I always get so nervous too, the first time the kids go down the hill on a sled. Boots had his very first experience this year....and actually liked it! The older two love sledding so much, that's all they ever want to do! It is pretty cute to watch then outside playing so well together......especially when they share a sled and go down on it sweet!

Anyway, I love the pictures, and
hope you all are feeling better!


Cmerie said...

We didn't take Ladybug out this time. It was very cold and we didn't have the gear for her. Fritter still talks about the snow and sledding.

I can imagine it would be cute to watch the two older ones play together so well. And sharing a sled! I bet Big Brother is a very good one. ;-)