Sunday, January 10, 2010


I didn't mean to take such a bloggy sabbatical. After a wonderful Christmas vacation in Wyoming, but two long days of driving on either side, I've been tired. Vacation shouldn't make me tired, but it does. I think it's all the catching up when we get home.

And last week was a never ending whirlwind of busyness. This weekend has been no different. We got a new sleep number mattress on Friday. Thinking our bed converted from a full to a queen, we didn't worry about the frame. And then we tried to get it set up and the frame didn't really convert. So my dear-spoils-me-rotten-husband found a gently used bedroom set. That means we have real night stands! We'd been using plastic things since we got married, and they served us well. But now we have real night stands made out of real wood. Real wood! *contended sigh* Our room is so pretty now.

Saturday my hubby worked on our cars and we washed them. The back seat was disgusting. Eating on the road with a three year old and a one year old will do that.

And although today is technically a day of rest, we did anything but. I had a ministry fair shift to do at our parish after Mass, and when the kids went down for their nap we (read that dear hubby of mine) pruned our tree. I helped clean up. I'm what you would call a grunt laborer. ;-) The tree is a fruitless mulberry, and while pretty in the summer, it's a pain to prune and looks...dead in the winter.

And then I had to do grocery shopping because I won't have time tomorrow in between an allergist appointment for Fritter and a dentist appointment for me.

So what do we think about our sleep number bed? I wouldn't know. I've been too tired to notice what I'm sleeping on. ;-)


Liz Hines said...

I miss yall so much! Love you and glad yall had a wonderful trip home:)!

Cmerie said...

Miss you too. One of these days we'll get to meet your little man. Love you!