Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Crazy Week

We had a doctor's appointment this morning, and grocery shopping afterwards. Tomorrow is a dentist appointment. Wednesday is a Familia meeting in the morning and then a prayer group meeting that evening. Friday was a MOPS meeting (more on that later) and has since become a playdate at the park. And Saturday is another doctor's appointment and then my dear husband has lots of work on the house involving plumbing and the moving of things.

Two weeks ago I went to my first MOPS meeting. I thought it would be something fun for me, and good for Fritter to be around other kids his age. It was a fun meeting for me, and not so fun for Fritter. The childcare setting really freaked him out, and added LOTS of guilt to me. I had planned on trying again and the next meeting would have been this Friday. But really. Do I need to go to MOPS? Is it really that good for Fritter? Or was this more about something I felt I should be doing, but really it wasn't that important? I think the latter is true.

I am a classic introvert, and honestly even a small playdate emotionally exhausts me. But for some reason, I have involved myself in many things, and, at least for some of them, I've not really been able to commit to them because I'm involved in so many. Between Familia and my SAHM playgroup our social needs are really met. But I've also become loosely involved with the homeschooling group and somehow also need to fit in things like playing at the park and going to the library. Oh. And cleaning the house and finding enough energy to cook dinner cannot be overlooked.

It's too much! And weeks like this one and two weeks ago really show me how too much it is. So it is with a happy heart that I say so long to MOPS. At least for now, I've got too much on my plate and would really rather stay home.

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