Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ramble Bamble

After a morning of standing in line at the post office for an hour, AN HOUR, with a three year old and a one year old, and THEN going to the store for milk and a few other odds and ends (what is it with milk prices lately? I paid $2.50 for a gallon of milk today, and since my gluttonous family drinks a gallon every other day, I'm spending $10 a week on milk (that's $520 a year!)and I only have two kids!!!) I finally got home in time to put the kids down for a later than usual afternoon nap.

I spent my "break time" making the beautiful candies in the post below. Granted, they didn't turn out as pretty as the picture, mostly because I didn't have sweetened condensed milk, so I made my own, but burnt the sugar, and I somehow made the white chocolate turn chunky for the peppermint bark. Hey, it tastes the same, and as long as I don't show my hubby what they are supposed to look like, he might not notice. ;-)

Speaking of my hubby, I got a call from him to tell me he was going to have to work pretty late tonight. How late you ask? Like midnight. Yeah, that's late. Add that to the fact that I very lazily didn't get up this morning and he left at 6:30. That means he didn't eat breakfast, he didn't take a lunch, and I have a very guilty conscience. *sigh* When he called, he did say that he got something from the cafeteria, but still. Why does waking up have to be so hard to do? Does anyone else have this problem?

***Bonus! He just called at 8:30 to say he's on his way home.***

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