Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Guilt Free Wednesday Fun

I've decided that Wednesdays are going to be our fun days around here. Besides the usual cleanup stuff there will be no real "work". Today I'm planning on taking us to the park, with lunch at Chick-fil-a (we have a gift card). After naps, I think we'll bake some pumpkin bread and then walk around the neighborhood.

I have a real problem with guilt. While my husband is at work, I feel guilty if I'm playing or having fun. It's like if I'm not doing real physical work, I'm slacking. So, I talked to him about it last night.

He told me that he actually deals with a little bit of guilt too. He feels guilty if I make him lunch and breakfast in the mornings, or when I do things for him. It's a societal pressure, he said. Because many families have both parents working, many men can't really ask their wives to do some of these things for them without imposing on them. And even though I stay at home, the guilt is still there for him.

We've decided to enjoy the benefits more of our vocations, and not feel guilty about it. If I have a chance to take a nap while the kids are sleeping, I should do that. They won't be napping forever, so I should take advantage of it. And because my hours are "longer" than his, taking a nap and little breaks here and there are required to make sure I'm not getting run down. If I'm grumpy, everyone is miserable. And if my husband is not eating right during the day, he comes home hungry. Then he's not able to give us his best either.

It's really ok to experience joy in our vocations. Perhaps this is a no-brainer to many of you who stay at home. I'm curious if other families feel this "societal" guilt as well.

Here's to guilt free Wednesday fun!


nutmeg said...

Excellent points here. And no~ those kids aren't going to nap forever... but they will eventually be reading on their own! A good novel = rest time for Mama!

Thanks for your comment!

Mom said...

Your an exellent mama,and you and DH work equally hard for your family, you both deserve a little R and R,and yes those little naps in the afternoon will help keep you healthy. Bless you and yours.