Thursday, November 19, 2009

Small Successes



We started potty training last Monday, the day after Fritter's third birthday. Despite my expectations that we would be completely done by that Friday (don't ask me why I thought this), we weren't. He did very well with the whole peeing thing, and has had very few accidents, but everyday was another day of dirty pants. But yesterday? Yesterday we went to a play group and (nervous as I was) he did great. He even used their potty. And not one accident. That doesn't mean he pooped in the potty though. We just didn't have an accident. I chalk this up to "holding it". This morning, I saw him squat and hurried him in, and again he resisted, and again I despaired. But...wait for it....HE DID IT! And he is sucking on a big sucker right now to prove it.


After weeks of being off the wagon (or is it on?) I got back on (or off?). Um, with my cleaning schedule that is. ;-) I've detailed the main bathroom, and the playroom, and the kids' rooms are scheduled for tomorrow. Have I mentioned before how I love Zone cleaning?


Speaking of the home front, I never mentioned our big mess that I alluded to before. While my husband was away, I noticed the floor in our master bathroom always seemed to be wet. Then I noticed that it was getting worse and one of the tiles actually squished when stepped on. But right after my hubby got home, we had guests and Fritter's birthday, and it just wasn't the right time to tackle the project. However, the thought of a leak somewhere in our house drove us both crazy, and so my dear husband decided to find where it was coming from. Long story short, our master bathroom is now unusable, and a plumber had to come in to find the leak. Two holes in my dining room wall and a hole in my living room wall later, and the leak was fixed. But my house still had holes in it and the bathroom was still unusable. So my husband fixed the holes and they look fantastic. And now, we have moved painting up on our list. So the success? Ahhh...the anticipation. We picked out our paint colors and will start this weekend. Go us! ;-)

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