Friday, November 13, 2009

Potty Training Day 5

This was supposed to be our last day of potty training. Things have really gone pretty well, with a couple of minor issues and one great big (stinky) issue.

1. Fritter will pee in the potty anytime I tell him to go. Otherwise, if I just ask him, he tells me he doesn't need to go. Even if it's been a couple of hours and I know he needs to.

2. We've had very few accidents, but I think this is due to him really being able to "hold it". Once was while I was tickling him yesterday (and really, that was my fault).

3. I've yet to get him to go #2 in the potty. Generally this happens while he is in independent play, so yesterday I sat quietly in the room with him while he was playing, so I could catch him "in action" and put him on the toilet. I think if I could just get him to go once in there, he'd go every time. But, (even after two cups of apple juice and some raisins as a snack) he decided he didn't need to go at all. And this morning, while I was temporarily distracted, he went in his pants, and came and got me after the fact. Thankfully, cleaning up isn't such a big deal, especially since I can just dump the underwear in the toilet and throw them in the diaper pail. But really, he should go in the toilet.

I'd love ideas or thoughts on this. In other words, HELP! ;-)


Nicole said...

Have you tried bribing him with something special if he puts his poop in the potty? I have even been tempted to make my child help clean up his mess if the situation warrants it (you know he can go but chose not too, was lazy, etc.) That's all I have! Good luck...he'll get it!

Cmerie said...

I was using chocolate chips to reward him, but realized that that's probably not enough. So today I'm going to buy some snack size candy bars and a some more stickers and when the sticker chart is filled, he can have a new Thomas train.

In Toilet Training in Less Than a Day, they recommend that he helps clean up the mess. So I have been having him help. They also say to have them "practice" 10 times in their yucky pants so they really get the feel that messy pants are no fun. I've tried that, and with (ahem) yuck in there it's more than a little gross. To gross, actually.

Fritter is really motivated more with positive rather than negative consequences anyway, but I'm not sure he really understands a long term reward yet. So we'll see if the sticker chart has any effect. I think the candy bars will help. I hope. ;-)