Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Potty Time! (Round Two)

If you don't care about the details of a first time potty trainer, I'm sure there is something interesting at the Discovery Channel. If you do care, well, read on!

Since Fritter turned three on Sunday, we decided that now was a good time to start potty training. Again. But this time there will be no going back. So I cleared our week of everything, and started yesterday.

In the morning, I immediately dressed him in his training pants. What is cuter than a three year old in underwear? He even said they were "cozy". I can imagine they must be compared to a diaper.

Because he is a very tall three year old, I decided to use the top of the potty chair on the toilet seat instead of just the chair. I also thought it would help him get more excited about using it. I used Ladybug's doll to show him how to use it, and sat him on it right after. It was very hard getting him to sit still long enough to actually go.

Right after breakfast, we had our first accident. (Which happened, by the way, while the plumbers were here. That's another story.) We had one more accident that morning, and I'm thinking that I have a very long, stressful day ahead of me. But right before his nap, I had an epiphany and had him stand up. It was only a couple of minutes before he went, and I think he might have been a little shocked. ;-) Now I just need to teach him how to aim.

He stayed dry for his whole nap yesterday, and although we never had a #2, we also didn't have another accident. For bedtime, I put a plastic cover over his training pants (I wake up enough during the night, I didn't want to change sheets too) but it really wasn't needed, because he stayed dry all night.

This morning has been a little different ball game. We've had three accidents so far, including a yucky one, but also a few successes. I think he's uncomfortable going #2 on the toilet, even with the potty seat on it, so we're working on that. I'm going to try the potty chair, and maybe he'll be more comfortable that way.

Patience wise, I've really been praying. Right before his nap, I was very frustrated, because I could see that he needed to go, but he was being stubborn. I'm thinking a rosary and a nap may be in order. For me. Not him. He's already sleeping.

I have to remember that this is a process, much like learning to walk, and when he falls, I can't get angry or frustrated, I have to help him learn from his mistakes.

One cute story, yesterday before doing his deed, he blessed himself, folded his little hands and prayed, "Bless us oh Lord and these thy gifts..." I'm sure God knew what he meant. ;-)

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