Tuesday, November 17, 2009

His Irish Wit and Wisdom

Three classic episodes of Bishop Fulton Sheen's series Life is Worth Living are included in the video, His Irish Wit and Wisdom. In the first episode, the psychology of the Irish is examined. He talks about their fighting spirit and their imaginations and lore. Even while he cracks a few jokes, his audience gains a greater appreciation for those that dream of leprechauns.

In The Divine Sense of Humor, Bishop Sheen explores the humor of God. He debunks the popular idea that puns are the lowest form of humor by stating that God himself spoke in puns. An example he gives is when Christ names Simon "The Rock" and then later tells him that he is the rock upon which he will build his Church. The audience learns not only about God's humor, but more about God's Word as well, in classic Sheen tradition.

Bishop Fulton Sheen examines why people laugh in the aptly named, Why Do People Laugh? He explains that people are the only ones in the animal kingdom that have the ability to laugh and then goes on to explain why that is. A viewer will gain a keener appreciation for humanity and the humor associated with it.

While these three episodes are not the best of Bishop Sheen's work, they are certainly worth watching. Anyone wishing to enjoy some of Bishop Sheen's humor will appreciate this compilation.

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