Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Fritter!

We had Fritter's birthday party yesterday at the park, and it really turned out good. I was nervous, because I have never thrown a party myself before. But I think everyone had a nice time. Especially with the pinata. ;-)

Fritter thought he was in heaven, because my dear husband bought some "booloons" to decorate the pavilion with. We let Fritter pick out a "wed booloon" and tied it to his wrist. So even though the park was crowded it was easy to spot him.

Fritter trying to blow out the candles. He still isn't quite sure how to blow (he tries to blow through his teeth) so an older boy helped him. I think he'll still get his wish.

Fritter going for the pinata.

Afterwards, we were exhausted but happy. It is a nice feeling to be surrounded by so many good friends.
Happy 3rd birthday Fritter! We love you.

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