Friday, October 16, 2009

Travel Poop Story

I'm still not ready to expand on our trip, but I do have a small story to share.

The plane that took us from LA home was a small express plane with two seats on either side. While Fritter slept the whole trip (yay!) Ladybug was awake and enjoying waving at everyone behind her. About 30 minutes before we landed, her face started turning red and got very serious. That's when I realized that while I had put on the kids' overnight diapers before our first flight, I hadn't changed them yet. Hey, it was still nighttime for us, and I was running off of 30 minutes of sleep.

So, Ladybug is straining and all of a sudden there is an AWFUL smell radiating from her. So bad, in fact, that the older lady sitting behind and across the aisle from us said, "Someone is a little stinky". Yep, that's my kid.

The seat belt sign is on, we are about to land, and I can't get up to change my very smelly baby. That's when I notice something wet on Ladybug's pants. Her diaper was starting to leak. No big deal, right? I wrapped a blanket around her, more for stench control than anything, and kept her standing up. And then...I looked down at my lap. That's right. Poop. On. My. Lap. So not only was my baby smelly, but I was too.

I then had to endure the plane unloading and all the people Ladybug had formally entertained walking past us. I'm sure they smelled, us. They had to.

After we landed, I went to unbuckle Fritter to shuffle him out of the plane and noticed his pants were soaked. Another leaky diaper. That's what I get. Do I hear a Mother of the Year award coming my way?


Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Oh my! I think we've all had something like that happen to us!

HolyMama! said...

I hope you know that was NO reflection on your mothering abilities! Just a reflection on your status as a mother. :)

SO been there, girl.

Jenni Beauprez said...

I blame the diaperas LOL. Serious something like that happens to every mother.

Jenni Beauprez said...

diapers not diaperas.