Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Little (Big) Boy

Why is it that I miss my little boy and want to go wake him up just so I can snuggle him? An hour ago I was looking forward to him going to bed. This isn't a rare feeling for me either. It happens most nights.
Perhaps it's because Fritter has (almost) become a big boy. You know what that means, right? It means that he doesn't want hugs and kisses and snuggles when I want to give them to him. He wants to sit in the chair instead of on the couch with mom. He wants to play with his cars instead of snuggle on my lap for a book. And he would rather try to run as fast as he can at me and throw his whole body weight into me and squeeze my leg as hard as he can, instead of giving me sweet little hugs.
He's all boy, that one. He tries my patience a lot. He's loud, he's stubborn, and he fusses. But he's also very funny. He's strong willed and independent. And he surprises me with his gentleness. He's incredibly smart and I'm amazed at the things he remembers and the things he knows. There are times when I wonder when he's going to start listening to me, and then there are days when I'm amazed at how well behaved he is.
He is not the same little boy we brought home from the hospital. And yet he is. He changed a lot after his sister was born. In some ways he became more challenging and in other ways he became more independent. He's grown up. And while I know he still has so much growing to do, I can't imagine him being any bigger than he is. He's my good boy. And he's almost three.

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Mom said...

Ah, I remember days like this, wanting to wake you after you laid down for a nap, It seems like yesterday sometimes, and yet it has been over two decades, he will allways be your little boy no matter how big he gets. LOL