Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hubby, Come Home!

My dear, dear, dear husband will be coming home late tomorrow! *Squeel!* I don't think I can convey to you how excited I am. Or how long today has been. Or how long tomorrow will be. He's coming home!

I have a few projects underfoot to keep myself busy. Besides the kids. They are two bundles of projects themselves. ;-)

I'm working on their costumes for the homeschooling group's All Saints party. I'm very excited. We've never been to one and I'm really looking forward to it. Especially since my hubby will be there.

So, the costumes. At Joann today, I found some simple brown fabric for Fritter's costume, along with other fabric for Ladybug. While standing in line to checkout, I looked down at my receipt and saw *gasp* that simple brown fabric was going to cost me $50! I had accidentally picked up brown suit wool, without really looking at it. Thankfully the nice lady that helped me cut the fabric took it back and directed me to the $1/yard brown felt. Otherwise Fritter would have been one rich St. Francis. ;-)

I'll post pictures of the kids in their costumes maybe Saturday or Sunday...or tomorrow. Who knows. My hubby is coming home!

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