Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Three Year Old's Prayer

Fritter has a friend who is about 7 or 8 named Jacob. Even though he's much older than Fritter, he plays well and is very patient with him, and Fritter adores him. Anytime we see these particular friends, the first words out of Fritter's mouth is, "Where's Jacob?" However, we haven't seen Jacob for a while, and generally I thought for a three year old out of sight was out of mind. I guess I was wrong.

Before dinner tonight, we, like many of you, bowed our heads and thanked God for our food. We also generally include various intercessions and tonight was no different. After I prayed especially for Daddy, I started to say "Amen". Fritter wasn't done though. Very quickly, he said, "And we pray for Jacob." I about melted on the spot.

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