Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small Successes



We are now officially part of the cloth diapering world! Ladybug has had a wonderful clothed bottom for two days now and I'm loving it. It's so nice to put a soft dry diaper on her, and I even look forward to changing times. I'm sure that part will wear off, but not all that soon, me thinks.


Because we only received one Bum Genius with our starter package for nighttime (and we used it the first night) I had to use prefolds last night. I was very nervous about it, but I folded one and put it in the middle of another that was pinned on and slid a cover over it. What do you know? Ladybug stayed nice and dry all night! Yay!


Since we're on the subject of cloth diapers, Cotton Babies sent us the wrong cover with part of our order. Now, it wouldn't have been too big of a deal, but we ordered only a small amount so we could spread the cost out, and this cover was a far inferior cover than we originally ordered. So I called them yesterday, and they are sending our right cover AND paying the postage for me to send back the wrong one. Normally it would take it around 10 days to get here, but because it was their mistake, and I really needed that other cover, they said it will get here on Monday. That's a success, right?

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Nicole said...

Yay for successes!

ViolinMama said...

AWESOME!!! Great job on going cloth! We haven't gone there yet...I hope to!

Kansas Mom said...

Yay for cloth! We're fans of Knickernappies (with a superdo and a doubler) at night. Actually, they're my favorite during the day, too, but they don't fit Second Daughter very well, so we use fitteds and covers. Those never leak. Ever.

Cmerie said...

Knickernappies. I'll have to remember that when I bulk up our supply in the next couple of weeks.