Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sacred Hymns

Sacred Hymns is a beautiful collection of traditional music from our Church. The Rees family has extraordinary talent. A few of the hymns are classic-straight-out-of-the-hymnal types like "This Day God Gives Me" or "Sing of Mary". My absolute favorites, though, are the latin hymns, such as "Tantum Ergo" and "Salve Regina". There were even a few that I didn't know and are now favorites, like "J'irai La Voir Un Jour". I walked around singing the refrain for three days.

The accompaniment is wonderful as well. This is not organ grinding, although some of the songs include it beautifully. Most songs are sung alongside a violin, guitar, cello, ect. which add to their beauty.

Sacred Hymns really shows the wonder of our Catholic faith through its traditional music. The music obviously transcends cultures, much as our Faith does. Besides the already named French song, there is a great Spanish song, "Muerto Para El Mundo". It's wonderful to be introduced to music from other cultures as well as to hear old favorites, and Sacred Hymns does that very well.

From a certain style in a few of the songs one would guess they have an Irish background, and after a little digging, I found that was true. Through their music, the Rees family shows their love of our universal Catholic Faith and their own heritage as well.

This collection of hymns is much more than just your average "collection of hymns". This is one CD I have come to turn on each day while fixing dinner. All Catholic homes should have at least a small collection of religious music to sing and pray along with (in my opinion) and this one is a must!

You can purchase this CD here.

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