Friday, September 11, 2009


I need a hug. But you probably wouldn't want to get that close to me. Tuesday morning, Fritter developed a fever, along with a runny nose. Ladybug also started to get congested and Tuesday night was no fun for any of us.

So after yet another sleepless night for us last night, and another day of high fevers, I took them both in to the doctor. What do you know? Both have double ear infections along with raw throats. Both have fevers. And I'm beginning to feel it myself. I need a nap.

My dear husband leaves tonight for the Wyoming vs. Texas game tomorrow and then he'll be back Sunday. I'm hoping we're all much better by then, because he leaves for his big six week trip on Wednesday. I think while he's gone I'll bury my head in the backyard like an Arizona ostrich. ;-)

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Michelle said...

Oh! Hopefully by now the antibiotics have kicked in. I hope you are all well and getting better every day.