Sunday, September 6, 2009

Conversation with Fritter (almost 3)

(Upon seeing Fritter with the busy box overturned.)
Me: Fritter, what are you doing?
Fritter: Um, it's kinda a long story.


Me to DH: ...yes, and I'm a woman.
Fritter: You're not a woman, you're a Mama!


(sitting outside)
Fritter: (As he sidles next to me.) It's kinda cloudy outside.
Me: (Noting that it's yet again, very clear and hot.) Well, maybe a little.
Fritter: (sighs) Hundred fifty dollars, Mama!
Me: One hundred fifty dollars?!
Fritter: Yeah! Three weeks ago!
Me: Wow, that's a long time.
Fritter: Yeah. That's a long time ago. I mean (sigh) it's like a Boojum!
Me: (confused) Really?! Hmmmm...

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