Saturday, September 19, 2009

Children's Art Museum

Today we went to the Children's Art Museum. Our library has a program that allows you to check out a pass to get into certain museums for free, so that was part of the plan. However, the passes for this particular museum were already gone, so we had to pay. ;-(

There is an area of the museum just for the 4 and under crowd, and naturally, that's where we headed. Besides a slide area and a car, there is a "Babies Only" area. Ladybug enjoyed not being trampled by the big kids.

Here she is playing with another little girl (Ladybug is on the right).

"So much to look at, where shall I start?"

The rest of the museum is set up like a house. There is a living room space, complete with books and little couches and chairs. And of course an art studio, but that's wasn't really up Fritter's alley. He wanted the food.
I think he might be hungry.

I love how the other little boy's shoe is on the counter.

Besides the indoor spaces, they also have a very cute "outdoor" space with a garden and a tree and a corn field.
Fritter planting carrots. I didn't know corn grew like that. ;-)

Overall it was a fun trip. If we come here again, I will remember to bring socks for the kids. It's supposed to be a socks only area, but we live in Arizona and rarely wear socks until winter. The museum has obviously thought about that, because they are making a killing selling socks at $1 a pair. I had to buy two, and we weren't the only ones.
I also wasn't thrilled that it was aimed so much at domestic stuff. (Why do I feel a little sexist writing that?) But I suppose I should have realized that as well. It is an art museum after all.
I think next time we'll venture closer to the city for the other Children's Museum. That one has a good mix of activities. And it also offers the same culture pass opportunity.


Lora said...

Looks like fun! I am taking Tommy there this week with one of our playdate groups so I am glad you mentioned the socks!

Cmerie said...

Have fun Lora!