Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday "Un-blues"

Oh Monday. You think you can get me down. You're wrong. I refuse to let you get to me.

I will smile despite the fact that it took me an hour outside the store to figure out how to close the new stroller.

I will grin when the toddler gets ink all over my shirt, because I can change and he's having so much fun with the stamps.

I will speak soothingly to the baby when she won't nap.

I will use my personal time during the kids naps to clean the house, instead of napping myself.

And when I go grocery shopping tonight, even though I'll be tired, I'll greet all those I meet with a pleasant look.

You can try Monday, but you won't best me.


Lora said...

It sounds like you found a stroller? Did you find it on craigslist? I was able to find some toys after talking to you last week on craigslist at a great price. Thanks for the tip! Oh, and I joined a Catholic moms group online. I am going to send you the information in case you are interested. Have a great week! Can't wait for familia next week!

Cmerie said...

We did find a stroller, but not on Craigslist. We actually snagged a great deal at Once Upon a Child. I plan on doing a small post about it later, but knowing me, it might not happen. ;-)

I'd love the information about the moms group.

I'll see you next week!