Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Grey Tooth Saga

Do you remember me mentioning that one of Fritter's teeth had turned grey and the dentist said he may loose it? Fritter had a follow up appointment to check on his tooth. Not only is the color getting better (it's still grey, but it's better), but the tooth has firmed back up in his gums. The doctor thinks he's going to keep it now! He said the color will take a while to get back to normal, but he's going to keep it. Thanks be to God. I was so worried that he would loose it and face problems later when his adult teeth came in.

The one issue we're faced with now from this is that Fritter has developed the habit of chewing on his hands. The dentist said that while his tooth was healing it felt good for him to chew, and now it's become a habit. He has always sucked his thumb, which I'm fine with, but now he's always got a hand in his mouth. This could become interesting come flu season.

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