Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wyoming Trip - Part 2

Part 1 is here

The cabin is in a fairly remote part of Wyoming. In order to get to it we had to drive up two sets of mountain switch-backs. It's a beautiful drive, and I only closed my eyes to the parts where my side of the car was closest to the drop-offs. *grin* (I'm very afraid of heights.) I marveled at the cows that seemed to be standing at a 45 degree angle. How did they get up there?!

Anyway, after the switchbacks, you actually drive through a raging river. Kidding, it's a creek, but the water does go up to the doors of a truck. Once, when dh and I were still engaged, we drove his dad's truck through the creek and the truck stalled right in the middle. Thankfully, it started up again soon after, so we didn't have to get wet. ;-)

After the creek, we parked and walked to the cabin. This is what greeted us.

To the left of the cabin.

The family cabin.

Directly to the right of the cabin.

The gentlemen hauled all the stuff up and more down, while my SIL cleaned the cabin and I took care of Fritter and Ladybug. The mosquitoes were thick and immune to even extra-super-duper strength DEET. We all came away with many bites.

Anyway, when we were able to settle into the cabin, things were easier, and we were able to keep the two year old contained. That night, the four exhausted adults, and two overtired children tried to share a one room cabin. Fritter kept popping out of bed and then we'd hear Ladybug laugh and then Fritter laugh. We told Fritter over and over again to lay down and go to sleep, but the laughing continued. Eventually, we realized that Ladybug was the one instigating the hilarity. She would stand up in her crib and laugh at Fritter in the cot next to her, and of course he would laugh too. Little sister is already getting big brother in trouble. ;-)

The next morning, we really had to stay on our toes. With a beaver pond right next to the cabin and a waterfall on the other side, I think I aged about 10 years.

DH and Fritter on the bridge in front of the cabin. One side is the pond, the other is this:

It wasn't all like that though. At one point Fritter did take a nap, and so did Ladybug, and I was able to sit and just enjoy the beauty of this place.

Tuesday afternoon, we drove back to my MIL's house, where we met up with Fritter's Godfather. We were only able to enjoy one day with him though, because Thursday we headed up to Billings, MT (a five hour drive) for a good friend's wedding.

To be continued...

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Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

In spite of the mosquitos, Wyoming looks beautiful!