Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wyoming Trip - Part 1

We left town around 2 pm on Friday for our trip home to Wyoming. We were so excited to get out of town, and of course we hit traffic. It wasn't too bad, luckily, and soon enough we were out of the city. A few miles north of us, we began the climb to the high country. The roads are curvy and the elevation jump is no joke, and it wasn't too long after that we were parked on an exit ramp with stuff thrown out of the car, and the two year old stripped to his diaper.

After we got things cleaned up and headed back on the interstate, we noticed another car parked where we had, with things thrown out of the car and a little kid stripped to his diaper being wiped off by mom. As we pulled into town, I went into a gas station bathroom to better clean off said two year old's Ducky and Beers (that's what he calls his bear), and a girl was hugging the potty. Me thinks that's not a very fun pass.

Soon enough, we were on our way again. We traipsed through the desert in our air conditioning and marveled at how anyone could have ever lived out there 100 years ago. The rest of that day's trip was uneventful and we stopped at a hotel around 11ish.

The next morning, this is what we woke up to outside our hotel.

Fritter was so excited and talked about the "booloons" for hours. We had another long day ahead of us, but we were now in really pretty country, so it wasn't too bad. Because of all the rain recently, the rivers were full and the hills and mountains were green. We arrived at our destination a little after 4 on Saturday.

On Sunday, we rested and enjoyed the company of my B & SIL. They really took to Ladybug, and it was fun to see them play with her.

Monday we drove up to my husband's family cabin. We couldn't resist pulling off the road to take a picture.

To be continued...

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Lora said...

That is a beautiful picture of you two in the field! I love it!