Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Project and MROL

Our new home has two very large closets in the dining room. Which is great, except they are hanging closets, and here in Arizona, we really don't need that much space to hang coats and things. So I bought very cheap shelves to put in there. Unfortunately, the shelves were too tall to fit, so my dear amazing husband cut them down to size for me. Here are the before pictures of the closets...

Nice, huh? ;-) Don't you just love the cat box, front and center?

Here are the after pictures...

My hubby thinks it's the best set-up we've ever had for our movies, and I'd have to agree with him. In our apartment, we stored the movies in the pull out drawers under our futon. We'd really have to work to watch something. Oh! And did you notice that I have a shelf all to myself to put my purse and keys down! Do you have any idea how nice that is for me?

I'm excited about our future projects. I have decided to once again jump in with flylady. At least as far as the organizing 15 minutes a day thing. I'm also going back through my Mother's Rule of Life and making it actually work for us. Before, I set it up to be how I thought things SHOULD run, not how they actually do. So it never worked for us, and I think I managed to follow it for about a week.

Now, I'm taking it slowly, revising as I go. For instance, I had set aside a block of time for putting away the laundry and also sweeping the floors. These were to be done when I first put the kids down for their afternoon nap. But, what about when I needed to put away their clothes or sweep their floors? So, those things will be moved to another part of the day that makes more sense. I'm excited about it.

Since Ladybug has been born, I have struggled with not only getting everything done, but making sure I'm spending enough time with the kids and that they are getting what they need from me. While cleaning, I would feel guilty for not playing cars with Fritter or dangling toys for Ladybug to bat at. While playing with the kids, I would feel guilty for the mess I had in the house. And at the end of the day, I would be frustrated and short tempered.

But now I have actually sat down and thought about what they need from me, and am remembering Holly's rule to be able to stop whatever I'm doing and give 100% of my attention to one of the kiddos if they need it.

It's not perfect yet, Fritter thinks he requires 100% of my attention all the time, and Ladybug is content to play quietly alone most of the time, so finding that balance is tricky. I am making sure the time spent with Fritter is quality, so when I do need to tell him it's time for him to go in his room or outside to play, that that's ok. I am also slowly coming up with activities that I can engage him in that he can play at the kitchen table while I'm cleaning in there or whatever. I now have a box of homemade playdough and tools to play with, and another box of plastic dishes in a cupboard he can get into. It's coming together, and this time I know that it won't happen overnight.


Cheryl said...

Your shelves look great!

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Great job on the shelves! I still don't have a good way of organizing our DVD's. Our shelves go deep so some DVD's get lost way in the back.