Friday, May 1, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Flu?

We are. Well, sort of. Not because I think it's any worse than any other flu, but because I hate to see my kids sick. Fritter has been sick since Monday. It started out with the croupy cough on Sunday night, and by Monday morning he was running a fever. The doctor didn't seem to be too concerned about Swine Flu, even though there are cases here. She gave me the instructions to keep an eye on him, and come back in if I felt there was need for it. She also gave me a prescription, with the instructions to not fill it unless he really needs it come the weekend and I can't get in to see anyone.

I heard on the news this morning that people are so freaked out by this that they are jamming the ERs. Some are going into the hospital because of a small cough. I know one thing. You will not catch us going online to pay exuberant amounts of money for face masks. We're staying away from the playgrounds (which is where I think Fritter picked it up in the first place) and I've cancelled our Toddlertime at the library, but again, mostly because Fritter is sick, and he shouldn't be out anyway.

Honestly, I'm more concerned about RSV then the flu. Fritter had it last year, and it is not fun. I've read about Arwen's experience with RSV and her newborn son, and I don't want to chance Ladybug getting it. Thankfully the RSV season is mostly gone her, and we're probably dealing with croup or another bad cold. Fritter has been waking at night coughing, and I've had to use the nebulizer on him about once or twice a day. We still have it from last year.

Ladybug and Fritter and on strict orders to not play with or around each other. So far, she seems to be ok, and I think today will be the peak of it for Fritter. As long as I can keep the bug from spreading, I'll count that as a success.

My hands are dry and I've already gone through one small bottle of lotion, from all the washing. But it's been joyful washing. I'm nursing my family, and as my header says, I'm finding myself by the gift of myself.

And even though I'm running on four hours of sleep today (mostly because DH and I stayed up late talking, and then Fritter woke early, and then Ladybug woke early) I'm feeling good. I think I'm finally over my weird bout of melancolyness (is that even a word? Spell checker doesn't seem to think so). I'm attributing that to perhaps a hangover from some postpartum hormones. Not an excuse, just an explanation.

Anyway, are you afraid of the big bad flu?

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Nicole said...

My mom is a nurse in central Illinois. She emailed me and told me that there are signs posted at all the entrances to the hospital in town saying that, if you're experiencing any flu symptoms to NOT ENTER THE HOSPITAL. The county is sending a pallet of antivirals to the hospital, as well.

It makes me thankful that I work from home--I don't have to worry about all the people I come into contact with during the day.