Thursday, May 28, 2009

Small Successes


I gave up on potty training. Where is the success in that, you ask? Fritter is successfully going potty in his diapers after hours of holding it in. Really though, my success in this is that I DID manage to teach him how to put on his pants and pull them down. He knows what dry and wet means, he knows how to empty the potty in the toilet and flush it down. He just refuses to go in the potty. Well try again in a few months.
I have managed to finally get into a routine with laundry around here. I have been behind since we moved and every time I'd think I was caught up, the laundry baskets were full again. I spoke with my wonderful dear husband about it, and he decided to help me really get caught up. I do as many loads of laundry as I can and pile all the dry loads somewhere. In the evening, the two of us fold it over a cup of tea (it should be iced if you've noticed the temperatures here in Arizona). In the afternoon, while the kids are napping, I put it away. I'm sure there's a better way in there somewhere, but this is working for us for now.
I have mostly updated my summer wardrobe. DH and I both have been in need of wardrobe updates, but we both seem to put other things in front of clothes. So the two of us went through our closets, assessed what we had, got rid of what we didn't want, and made lists TOGETHER of what we needed. This helped keep us (read me) accountable, so when we went to the store we (read me again) wouldn't just go crazy and buy things we (me) didn't really need. It's nice to feel girly again. The clothes don't really make the man, but they sure help make a woman feel good.
What are your small successes this week? Go to Faith & Family to read others small successes!


Andrea said...

Way to go on #1! Personally, I would rather change diapers than clean up accidents all day. I'm all about waiting until the child is really ready! (With my first one, she stopped wearing diapers on her 3rd birthday - since then, nobody has taken that long because they learn from eachother!)
Also, that is so great about #3. Clothing options really make a difference for a woman, I think. :-)

ViolinMama said...

Many Kudos to you!!!! Awesome, and God Bless!!! Good luck with all you do!!!

Michelle said...

I'm all for having the kid go around naked most of the day and wiping up messes off the floor (please on the tile, not the carpet, though!). Anyway, I think they learn faster. I'd rather have a kid trained early after a few weeks of constant mopping than another year of diapers. But everybody has their own preferences.

Cmerie said...

That's funny Michelle. I actually tried the naked thing for Fritter for a while the second day. I did it mostly because I thought he was having trouble releasing on his command into the potty, and so I thought if he saw it happen he would learn how to "let it go" so to speak. It really wasn't bad, and I was cleaning up messes with training pants on anyway.

The big thing was that anytime I'd put him on the potty, he'd freeze up. At one point, he had to go potty so bad, and was sitting on it with his legs crossed, begging for a diaper. The moment he'd stand up from the potty, he'd go. Ug.

The biggest reason I decided to wait was because of how frustrated I was getting. It seemed we were getting nowhere, and I was on his case (according to the directions from the book I mentioned in the previous post) constantly. This left NO time for anything else, including the baby.

Next time we go for it, I won't be following that book again. ;-) I think that he will need a few months though to not associate the potty with negativity.

Michelle said...

If it is any consolation, in more than 11 years of parenting, potty training ranks HARDEST in my book. I hate it. Yes, wait until you and he can both be less frustrated.

I also suggest a more neutral approach: just have the potty there and mention, when you change his diaper, that he could have gone in the potty instead. I actually have out little potty in the sunroom right off the kitchen, so it's handy without too much trouble (my 20 month old is actaully showing an interest, but she wants to go sit on the big potty like everybody else - and we haven't actually managed to catch her going on either yet...but we talk about it).

But being naked still seems to be the fastest way for any kid to start to associate "those feelings" with the puddle (or pile) on the floor. But for everybody's sanity, limit it to 2 or 3 messes before putting on a diaper (cheerful: "we'll try this again later"). But my kids all seem to prefer being naked to wearing a diaper, so this might be extra motivation for them.

Good luck!