Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Picture Page

Do you remember Picture Page? Well this is nothing like it, but it was a good title. ;-) This last weekend (before Fritter's nice case of croup set in) was busy. So I'll let the picture's tell the story.

While we worked, Fritter worked harder. See the patch of dirt behind Fritter? This is what we (read DH) turned it into....

Fritter loves his new sandbox, and about 20 times a day I hear, "Momma, go pay wif a sandbox?"

Fritter helped me out by watering the flowers. I'm thinking he might have a green thumb.

Meanwhile, Ladybug was learning how to sit-up. She can actually do it by herself for a few seconds before she falls over. She's rapidly turning into a busy little girl.

On Saturday, while the boards for the sandbox were curing, we decided to go to the park. Fritter loved the carousel.
But he loved the train ride more. Oh, he may look stoic in the picture, but when he got off, all he could talk about was the Thomas train. (Gee, the girls in back don't look all that excited.)
And last, but not least, a sweet picture of Ladybug. Right before....
...she tried to crawl! Seriously, I have it on video! I'm guessing she'll cease staying put within a month. That's right, she just turned 5 months old, and she's already decided that she needs to keep up with her brother. *sigh* They grow up so fast!

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Nicole said...

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures! How exciting!

Your little ones are so beautiful!