Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lenten Recap in Pictures

We had a busy Lent. We closed on our new house and moved in, and this week, I'm finally going over to our apartment to finish cleaning and turn in the keys. There just hasn't been the time to do it before, and we have to be out by Friday. More cleaning, just what I wanted to do. ;-)

Anyway, here are a few pictures of us enjoying our new home.

Fritter finger painting.

Fritter and Dad enjoying the nice weather in our backyard. That's right! We have a yard! (Can you hear the squeals of joy?!)

I'm not sure how he got wet, but hey, he's happy!

Reading time. Shhh!

Ladybug's first time in her bouncer. Do you think she looks worried? It's because her brother wanted to show her how to bounce.

Now she's got it!

Our kitten, Boojum. What's a boojum? It's a tree, silly!

Watching the rain. Doesn't he look snuggly?

There, now we're all caught up. What? It doesn't look like we did much this Lent? You should have seen the house. There is still cleaning to catch up on. We were eager to move in as soon as we closed, so I've just had to add the extra cleaning in with my other chores. You know, like eating bon-bons and drinking sweet tea. Yeah, those chores. ;-)

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Nicole said...

Great pictures! Your precious ones are so darn cute!