Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bumble Bomber

Here in Arizona, we don't have your normal bumblebee. Ours are black, the size of hummingbirds, and very scary. I don't like anything with more than four legs anyway, but these things are pretty bad.

Today, my dh and I were sitting on our back porch watching Fritter play in his new sandbox that his dad built for him. One of those ugly things flew right towards me. (I swear, they know I'm afraid of them). I screamed, jumped out of my chair, and suddenly found myself lying face down on the concrete. My dear husband helped me limp inside (my pride was limping worse). After seeing my bleeding knee, but knowing I was no worse off, he said, "I'll bet that hurt worse than a bee sting." Very funny.

He's probably right, but the thought of one of those landing on me, or crawling on me, or worse, getting stuck in my hair...I think I'll take the bruises.

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