Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Found Mustang!

Fritter got this Hot Wheels car for his first birthday. He didn't play with it much, as he was still fairly little. But a few months before Christmas, he found it again, and developed a bond with it. It went with him everywhere, except to bed, and only then because we didn't allow it. So for Christmas, Santa put 4 Matchbox cars in his stocking. Then, his aunt and uncle in Georgia sent him a semi-truck full of cars. He has played and played with the cars. He drives them around and they say, "Hi!" to each other and then drive away. He even makes the sound effects.

Mustang was always his favorite, and he would offer us any car to play with, except Mustang. And then, after Christmas, Mustang was lost. I searched what I thought to be the entire apartment. And still no Mustang. Fritter even acted depressed. He refused to play with any of his cars. He just walked around the apartment, grumpy, and only wanted to be in my lap or arms.

So my dh went out and got him a few other Matchbox cars, when he couldn't find another red Hot Wheels Mustang. Fritter immediatly grabbed a green GT-40 that he played with, but would still ask, " 'ere's Mustang?" Today, I pulled up the cushions of the living room chair while cleaning, and there was Mustang! I really thought I'd looked there about a million times, but I guess not hard enough. When I showed him the car, his face lit up and he took it and gave me GT-40 to play with. I guess we're out of the slump! ;-)

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