Friday, January 2, 2009

Looking To Plan

One of my goals as a homemaker is to ensure that my home runs smoothly and efficiently. Adding our sweet little Ladybug to the mix has brought more sweet toothless smiles to our lives (when I get a picture of one, I'll post it). However, my time is in more demand, and I'm feeling a little strapped. So, I used Google's calendar tool to help me plan a general day. I usually write all our appointments and bill due dates on our wall calendar, and this does work for us, but I'm wanting something that I can have with me at all times. So, if I'm at a Familia class and someone asks what I'm doing on such-and-such day, I can actually tell them.

So I am looking to purchase a planner. Something I can fit in my purse, but that has enough space to actually use. I'd like to keep my menu plans in it, along with a perpetual grocery list. I found one planner that really looks like something I'd like and that would work for me, but they seem to be all sold out. Perhaps I should have thought about this a couple of months ago instead of the beginning of January.

Any suggestions? What do you use, if anything? How do you keep track of your appointments and such?


Michelle said...

I use that planner you linked to, but I use the summer to summer one. I recommend you get that format for several reasons: first, once your kids are school aged, you will need to have a school-year-at-a-glance format, even if you homeschool. Often even activities you may do with a preschooler function on a "school year" calendar, with summers off. Secondly, you will always have more time in July to "switch over" to a new calendar than you will in December or January.

I have, over the years, found "temporary" address books to be useful. I have my permanent address book, and then I have the one where I put phone numbers of "current" businesses, friends, teachers. Granted, I move often, so these things all change often. But that's where I put the doctor's phone number and the piano teacher's phone number and other names and numbers I don't necessarily need to keep permanent, but are also the ones I might need more often when I'm out and about. I keep these numbers in there, and about half of them need to be transferred to the new book when I get it.

Also if you do menu planning or other things like that, you'd want to transfer that info over too. It's better to do it in the summer, I promise.

The summer version planners go on sale in April. In the meantime, I would get a cheap-o day planner at the grocery store or an office supply store and use it until summer.

Cmerie said...

Thank you so much for your advice. It makes a lot of sense to do it that way. I have started doing a few preschool activities with Fritter, and I can see how it would be benificial to plan summer to summer, instead of through the calendar year. I did things that way while in college (and at the time couldn't imagine living without my planner), but once I graduated, I didn't even think of planning while at home. I'm learning a lot more about the effort it takes to keep a home and raise children while still maintaining my own sanity.

I went out a bought a $4 planner from Walmart, and am really enjoying using it. It keeps me focused and is a great compliment to my HMJ. I plan on purchasing the good planner in April, and am so excited to use it!