Monday, January 12, 2009

Let The House Hunting Begin!

Last week my dh and I were pre-approved for our first home loan. I'm so excited. Not really about owing someone money. But we've paid rent for so long that it will be nice to be getting more out of our money than just living. Our payments will probably be not much more, or even less, than we're paying in rent. Of course, we have to factor in things like home repairs and maintenance and such, but it will still be affordable. I can't believe I'm actually saying that making a mortgage payment will be affordable. I feel like we've entered a new part of our lives.

And maybe we have. We've been couped up in apartments for all of our married lives. First was the very small (400 sq. ft.) one bedroom in Wyoming when we were first married. I look back on that apartment with fond memories now, but it's taken me this long for that to be the case. ;-) In order to get to the bathroom, our visitors had to walk through the bedroom. And when we had Fritter, we had to add in all of the stuff that comes with a new baby. First the crib, then the swing, and eventually the jumparoo, not to mention finding a place to store diapers. We actually used to top of the dishwasher as the changing table in Fritter's early weeks. In the kitchen, the only counter space we had was on that folded down when we weren't using it. To make more room to move around in the kitchen, we moved the refrigerator into the utility closet.

When we first moved into our current apartment, we marveled at how much space we had. Fritter actually had his own bedroom, and it was across the apartment from ours. That was a little hard for me to get used to. I will have fond memories of this apartment, mostly because this is where Fritter has grown to be the very cute toddler that he is. The biggest complaint I've had about this place is the stairs. It was challenging while I was pregnant going up and down three flights of stairs with a 2 year old, but now I'm finding it to be even more challenging with a toddler and a newborn.

But a house! I can't even imagine having our own yard. A place for Fritter and I, and eventually Ladybug, to effortlessly spend time outside. I may even try to turn my brown thumb green. When my hubby asked me the things that I wanted most out of a house, so he could pass it on to the realtor, my answer was grass. Just a patch of grass in the backyard is all we need. Of course, I do have other requests, like 4 bedrooms preferred, 2 bathrooms a must have, the kitchen off of the backyard, ect. But those are all secondary to grass. And because the yards are notoriously small in our area, (not to mention the fact that I don't even want the worry of one with my children), I do not want it taken up by a silly pool. We'll go to the community pool, thank you very much.

So, we are going out looking at houses with our realtor on either Wednesday or Thursday. I'm so excited!