Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Card Woes

I'm just taking down the Christmas cards from the walls. This is the hardest time of the year for me. When we receive a Christmas card, I take the time to look at the picture, read the message, and then joyfully hang them on the wall. Then, all through the Christmas season, I look at our walls and think of all the people that thought enough of us to send us cards. I really enjoy receiving them.

On the other hand, after Christmas is over, those cards must come down. And then I struggle with myself about what to do with them. It's the same every year. I put off taking them down, because I know the inevitable is coming. I look at them, reread them, and they almost make it to the trash, but not quite. As of right now, they are sitting on my counter. I'm still in the midst of the struggle.

One side of my brain (the cluttered part) is telling me how much thought was put into the cards. How nice it is that we have such wonderful family and friends. And perhaps I should just put them in that file folder marked scrapbooking that just keeps growing and never empties.

The other side of my brain (the one that's almost clean and orderly) tells me quite simply that I must throw them away. If I keep them, I'm not really going to look at them again, I'm never going to get around to anything remotely resembling scrapbooking, and they are just going to add to the clutter.

That's the side that eventually wins every year, but it's still the same struggle. So what do you do with your Christmas cards after Christmas is over? Do you eventually throw them away, like myself? Or do you actually do something with them?


Jennie C. said...

When I was a much younger person, I used to keep scrapbooks. They were just those big, cheap kind, with the brownish pages. Probably not even acid free. :-) I just taped all my cards and memorabilia in. Scrapbooking has gone off the deep end, if you ask me. Just a get a book and some tape, if you want to keep stuff. I stopped saving shortly after we got married, though. It was too much to worry about. I still just throw stuff away. Even the kids priceless works of art. :-)

Cmerie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who throws the artwork away. When my mom heard that I did this, she looked at me like I was the most evil person in the world. She has boxes and boxes of my old artwork saved. She says it's for me when I want it, but I keep telling her that I'm not all that interested. Why would I want mine if I don't even save my sons? ;-)

Unknown said...

I save the photos to trim and scrapbook. All the others go in the paper trash.

Unknown said...

I must be signed in as Bob (my dh). It's really me, Cheryl from my thoughtful spot.

Michelle said...

I usually throw them away. This year, I may save the cards, so my daughters can make new ones (out of the old) next year. They enjoyed that, and I enjoyed recycling.

Cmerie said...

Making new cards is a great idea. Maybe we'll try that next year.