Monday, November 10, 2008

Stocking The Freezer (And Other Baby Preparations)

This week looks to be a busy one for me. I plan on having a freezer stocked full of meals and snacks for us by Friday. Tuesday morning I have a doctor's appointment and Wednesday morning I have another ultrasound. So between time spent with doctors and water drinking, not to mention giving love to Fritter and my dear husband, I will be in the kitchen cooking. Unfortunately, I am usually so exhausted in the afternoons (even after a nap) that the mornings are the only time I have to get anything done.

So, tonight we are having meatloaf with homemade mac-n-cheese and a frozen veggie. I've already made the meatloaf, including an extra one for the freezer, and tonight I'll just have to pop it in the oven. I plan on making an extra batch of mac-n-cheese for the freezer as well. Tomorrow we are having lasagna and I'm making an extra for the freezer. I'll make a batch of spaghetti sauce for the freezer tomorrow too. Wednesday we're having crockpot chicken, and the leftovers I will shred and portion for the freezer to be used for chicken noodle soup and chicken tacos. One portion of the chicken will be left out for a chicken and rice casserole that I'm making for the freezer on Thursday. Wednesday I also plan on baking oatmeal muffins, banana bread, and oatmeal raisin cookies. Friday I will use to make up anything that I wasn't able to get to the rest of the week. I already have a ham and potato casserole in the freezer, so all this should get us by.

Other than the meals, which will be done this week, we're ready. We bought a new infant car seat yesterday, since our old one was not only purchased used for Fritter, but had been sitting in a hot garage all summer. Laundry is mostly caught up, except it needs to be folded and put away. I've been trying to maintain the house as best as I can with the low energy that I have, but I think we're ready for survival mode. One thing we do need to do is get Fritter's bed set up for my mother-in-law who is coming on December 3. Basically we just need to get a box spring so that she doesn't feel like she's just laying on a mattress on the floor. It works for Fritter, but for her I'm not so sure. When she comes, he will get the porta-crib set up in our room. It'll be cramped, but we'll make it.

Whew! I'm off for a nap while I can get it.

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