Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lost Phone

...or, Where IS That *%^& Ringing Coming From?!

My dear husbands cell phone has been lost for a few weeks now. We've looked everywhere, including all over the house, all over his office at work, and all over (actually, in) our cars. Nothing. Not that we use our cell phones all that much. Our last bill stated we used 25 minutes out of our shared 700. We've thought of just canceling, but whatever would we do without them?

Anyway, this morning, about every five minutes or so I will hear a "ring, ring". That's it. Two faints rings, enough to get me out of my chair, and search the area I heard it coming from. The problem is, it's coming from the dining area, which doesn't have many nooks for a cell phone to hide in.

You're saying, "So call the phone!" Right? I've tried that. I get a busy signal. Actually, it's more like a voice on the other end telling me all service to the voice mail is busy. *sigh* At least it's keeping me from thinking about the election results.

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