Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Glucose Testing and Sleepiness

Tuesday morning found Fritter and I in my doctor's office. It was time for the 1 hour glucose test. Thankfully this particular office has a play room, and they also offer childcare for when you go back.

Today was the first day someone was there while I was, so the kind lady offered to watch Fritter while I went back to have my blood pressure checked and listen to the baby's heartbeat. I decided to try it, since I wouldn't be in the back very long, and we still had to wait another 45 minutes to have my blood drawn. Big mistake. Fritter is not used to being watched by anyone other than his dad. I should have thought about this fact, but I didn't. My brain has been very slow the past couple of weeks (thus the lack of posts). As the nurse took my blood pressure, I could hear Fritter crying very hard. I'm sure the pressure was elevated at that point.

When I came out, he was still crying. I calmed him down and got him interested in a couple of the toys in the playroom, while apologizing to the nice lady who offered to watch him. Although he was now calm, this had put him into a very sensitive and fussy mood. He fussed when I took him back with me to speak with my doctor. He fussed while I got reflexology done on my feet that she recommended for my hips (we were in the playroom even). He fussed while I got my blood drawn, and he fussed all the way out to the car. Once in his car seat, he quieted down, and was happy for the rest of the way home. I think he was finally content to know that I wasn't going to be leaving him again. ;-)

One of the things I mentioned to my doctor was how tired and unmotivated I've been. I could sleep all day long if I was allowed to, and during my waking hours, I just want to sit or lay down. She asked about my diet, ect. and chalked it up to my not sleeping well at night because of my sore hips. After the reflexology, she recommended the chiropractor, which I'm still thinking about.

Yesterday, while napping (that's when I get all my phone calls) she called and said they had the results back from my glucose test. The glucose levels were normal, but my iron levels were very low. She recommended, on top of my regular prenatal, an iron supplement. I had some in the house already, so I took one with my vitamin last night before bed. I still had a hard time waking up this morning, but I definitely have more energy today, and may actually tackle some of the jobs that have been piling up on me. I'm not sure if that was the iron, or if I just slept better last night, but I'm feeling better. Pray for me!


Anonymous social worker said...

I used to B a catholic. anyways hope you feel better.

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

I hope the iron supplement does the trick for you. Take care. My prayers are with you.

Cmerie said...

Thank you. My doula actually recommended something called Floradix. This is what she said about it...

The liquid/natural iron supplement I recommend is called Floradix. It is what we suggest in the midwifery practice, because it is less likely to cause any digestive issues and also absorbs better into the body and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.

I haven't tried it yet, but plan to. Thank you for your prayers.

kristi lee said...

Hey, there! Did you ever happen to get my package that I sent weeks ago? I feel horrible if it did not get to you and I'll make something else. I kept forgetting to check in and make sure it's in your hands.

Cmerie said...

I did, Kristi, and I love it. I was planning on taking a picture in the apron after I'd baked something yummy, I just haven't done it yet. Thank you so much. It's beautiful!