Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Wyoming Trip

I promised you pictures, and *gasp* I've delivered.

One of the things that's fun about visiting your hometown is that you get to act like a tourist and do all the things you never would have done while you lived there.

It was nice seeing my side of the family, most especially my cousin "A" who is expecting her first 4 weeks or so after us. Yay! This is her and Fritter enjoying the outdoors, because, you know that's what you do in the summer's in the north.

The mommy's to be with Fritter and a little sleepy cousin (not her kid).

Fritter was too busy to sit with either me or DH for too long.

Fritter with his cousin "M" playing in my grandparents backyard while I sat and watched.

Fritter and cousin "D" really enjoyed great-grandma's birdbath. It had just rained and so was filled until they got a hold of it. ;-)

My grandfather who will be 90 this year still got out and tried to chase Fritter around the yard. He may move slow, but Fritter loved it.

"Can't catch me!"

Fritter resting after all the running with my grandmother.

While we really enjoyed our trip, and it was nice being outside, (except for the rain that kept us inside our last two days. The high on one of those days was in the 40's!) it was nice coming home. We are still trying to ease back into our routine, which is getting harder because I'm getting to be pretty tired in the afternoons. I think Fritter is glad to be home too, and I'm happy to have him all to myself for awhile (except when his dad steals him from me ;-) ).

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Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Such nice pictures. Fritter is too cute!