Monday, August 25, 2008

August Heat

Getting used to the heat again after only being out of it for 10 days has been a bit of a challenge. The air conditioner is usually set at 80, but we've turned it to 78 this last week. Yesterday evening, I went into Fritter's room where he was playing with a truck, and noticed that he was really sweaty. Because his room is the hottest in the house, I hadn't noticed how warm it had gotten in here. I checked the thermostat temperature and it read 90! Our a/c had broken! I called the emergency maintenance number, hoping someone would come fix it soon. Luckily they sent someone out within an hour, who replaced the fan relay. I felt bad calling them out on a Sunday evening, but it was 110 outside and I couldn't wait until today.

On another note, I've finally finished the book I was reading, so now I can start on Heaven's Song, which I'm supposed to review. I can't tell you when I'll post it, lately it's taking me forever to finish a book. I fall asleep after only reading a page of anything. :-/ I also have a couple of posts with some actual substance to them floating around in my head, but I can't promise I'll ever get those written. I'm going to try though.

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