Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day

This year we went up into the high country to get out of this awful heat. It's been sitting at around 112 (F) for a month now! The particular town we went to was only supposed to get up to around 95. Anything below 100 sounds like heaven to us right now.

Anyway, so set up at a very nice park, where there was going to be a fireworks display over the lake after dark. That morning we watch a flag raising and listened to a reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Afterwards, we set up Fritter's playpen in the grass. Fritter had been up since we got on the road at 5am, and hadn't taken a nap yet, and I was hopeful he would when we got there. He had other plans.

He never did fall asleep except later in the afternoon when we went for a walk to the downtown area. He was so exhausted he slept through loud car engines, and a couple of live bands we passed on the way. He's a trooper though.

The three of us just enjoyed being outside. We had a great shady spot, where I just sat back with my bare feet.

Hubby and Fritter running down a hill.
Fritter trying to scoot down the hill on his bottom instead.
Around 4 or so, we had a pretty large thunderstorm come through. At first we thought we would be ok. We had an umbrella, and really, how long could it last? Fritter thought we were crazy. (This is before the rain).
We were very, very wrong. Hubby and I both got soaked, but Fritter stayed nice and cozy. I made a sort of tent for him out of his stroller and a blanket over it, and he was bundled warmly inside. When the rain really started coming down, we realized it wasn't stopping anytime soon, and we ran for the car. By 6:30 the rain had mostly stopped, but everything was soggy. We decided that if we left then, we could make it home in time to see the fireworks there instead. We did make it, and by 10 that night we were all exhausted (in a good way).

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