Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Still Here

Fritter has been fighting a nasty virus since last Tuesday. It's affected his stomach mostly, he wasn't eating much and was having his fair share of diaper messes. I took him in to the doctor yesterday, because it seemed like it was just lasting for a long time. She noticed a rash around his throat and chest area, that I hadn't seen. But she still said it's just a virus and the only thing we can do is wait it out. I'm not sure if it's because he's not feeling well or what, but he's also been throwing tantrums lately and being extra sensitive and fussy.

On Sunday, DH and I had a breakfast meeting with one of our priests and another couple to go over some of our duties in a new volunteer role we've taken on. Generally Fritter is very well behaved and we didn't really see any reason to find a babysitter for him. We'd taken him with us before and things were fine. This time, however, it was different. Almost as soon as we'd sat down, the waitress brought him a small bowl of Cheerios and an orange slice. Things escalated pretty quickly. Fritter started eating some of the orange, but then started crying and pulling on his mouth like it had hurt him. I tried to coax him into drinking some water to rinse his mouth, but he didn't want anything to do with that. Dh took him out of the restaurant to calm him down.

Once the food arrived, he didn't touch it, except to scatter some eggs across his part of the table. He basically fussed the whole time. I pulled him into my lap, thinking maybe he just wanted to be close to me, and it worked for a while, but then he started climbing on me, and squirming, while still fussing and making lots of noise. Basically, we didn't hear much of the meeting, except what our next objective was, and this was told to us over the ruckus.

I felt like such an awful parent. We left early. The moment Fritter got into the car, he was quiet and peaceful. I'm learning that sometimes leaving is the only thing you can do. *sigh* I'm hoping Father is not questioning his decision to have the couple who can't even control their toddler take this role. Tell me this is just a stage.


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up Cmerie!
Every parent has those days. Hang in there.


Jennifer in TX said...

There will be days like this. You were attentive and loving to your little one and left early--that is your primary vocation--being a parent, not a volunteer. :)

I am sure Father understood. Sometimes we are harder on ourselves...also remember that mortifications are good for the soul. I have learned this many, many times over the years thanks to my six blessings! :)

Cmerie said...

Thank you ladies for your kind words. Sometimes I just need a little encouragement to see me through.

It's funny. When I pray for humility, I find myself in this kind of a situation. When I prayed for more patience, we became pregnant again. God knows what he's doing, that's for sure!

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Michelle said...

Oh, Cmerie, he was sick and stuck in an un-fun place.

It does get easier. Definitely taking a toddler to a restaurant when he has 3 or 4 older siblings to amuse him is easier!