Monday, July 14, 2008


I told my cousin Ashleigh that I wouldn't post the whole story of our weekend "camping" trip. She agreed and said that was probably for the best. (Thanks Ashleigh). So instead, I'll tell you that there were bugs, and lots of them. The lizards were everywhere, but I liked them. It was hot, very hot. And while we were camping next to a lake, there was no way to get down to the water. Even if we would have been able to, it was up so high that we would have been swimming on cacti (cactus?).

Yep, instead of that loonnnnggg story, here are some pictures of Fritter enjoying himself as only a toddler can do.

Yes, that is a cloth diaper (we use them for burp-cloths around here) with water on it to keep my boy cool.
He's our little landscaper.
A very messy landscaper.
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I, for one, reveled in sleeping in my nice cozy bed.

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