Monday, July 7, 2008

Boston Tea Party Revisited

In the early morning hours of July 4, this year, our family was preparing to hit the road. Because we were in such a hurry, (and did I mention how early it was?) my brain had not yet started to work. I didn't start the coffee when we woke up, so by the time we realized we wanted some, it was too late to wait for it to brew.

In my brilliance, I suggested my DH turn on the burner under the teapot, as the water warms much faster than our old coffeepot, and we could have some caffeinated tea before we left the house. Rummaging through the tea drawer, my DH asked which ones were caffeinated. "That red box, there, the breakfast tea," I said.

After pouring the hot water on the tea, and watching it steep for a couple of seconds, my husband said, "You know, it's Independence Day. We probably should be drinking coffee instead of tea." Then he looked down at the little tag on the end of his tea bag and said, "Why did you tell me to drink ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA on the FOURTH OF JULY?!" The tea was dumped and we headed to McDonald's for coffee.

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